From Saira Khan [Medical Student] on Medcial Students Meeting of 20 April

“I would just like to add that I really enjoyed today’s medical student meeting at Baitul Ehsan mosque! It was very interesting and informative and it was lovely meeting other fellow Jamaat members. JazakAllah for putting in the effort to make such a beneficial event! Insha’Allah I look forward to future AMMA events.”

From: Muzaffar Ahmad

Feedback:Alhamdollilah looks very Good Amazed to see the collection of photos well done Dawood Sahib

From: Ismaeel Mohammed

From: Shakeel Ahmad

Good development and fresh looking website, mashallah

From: Masood Majoka
Feedback:JazakAllah, looks good!

Dr Ahsin Jawad

May Allah bless you. Its a great initiative!

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